The Dad’s Learning Curve : Break from Corporate life and Sneak peek into Parenting

No emails, phone calls or things to be completed before end of the day from office. I thought the planned break I took from corporate life has given me all the time in the world to sit back, relax and unwind. But I never imagined that, sitting at home, I will hardly get time to even check the time on my watch.

An opportunity came up for my wife to take an assignment in Ireland. My wife and myself had a long discussion before deciding to go ahead & accepting the assignment. It was not an easy one : New country, new people, new culture , different weather conditions, a daughter who will be turning 3 in couple of months & I have to find a job. But the opportunity to experience something new & different made us take an affirmative decision.

Now 45 days since we moved to Dublin, the experience has been worth it till now. Whenever I get calls from my relatives or friends, the common question is ‘How do you spend your day, what is the time pass? ‘. Each time I hear this question, I rephrase the same in my mind ‘How do I spend my day & night, whether I get to even check the time?’.

My sleep comes to an end as soon as she wakes up and I get to sleep only when she takes a nap. So my dream of sleeping through the day never saw the light. Breakfast and lunch timings almost run into an hour each but I need to plan the meal portions & make sure that I don’t overeat during the process of feeding her. Laptop is meant for her ‘office’ work & don’t even try opening it when she is around. Any important paper/document unattended will be her first go to writing pad. Negotiating skills used during corporate life to reduce million dollars does not apply when it comes to negotiating with my daughter over a chocolate/candy. The tallest chair or sharp corners are her favourite play areas, so my focus on her needs to be more than 100%. Pram is a life saver when you make numerous trip to Tesco, playschool enquiries and parks.

It was her persistent effort that made me keep my mobile away and start playing with her. This helped me to unlearn and learn the nuances of parenting.

Another concern I had was that ‘how will she manage herself at a playschool for a whole day once I also join work?’. But now I am very relieved. In the last 45 days she has been potty trained, she manages to finish her meals on her own & learnt to wash her hands & face without any help. She doesn’t even cry when mom says bye to her in the morning.

So now currently when I match her roles of Peppa pig, Nobita and Bam Bam by getting into the shoes of Daddy Pig, Gian and Billy, when I am made to dance while she is sitting on the potty seat, when I play football with her, I am enjoying this beautiful parenting journey. The bonding has gone up mutiple folds. I know that this is going to be over soon when I join work. But She keeps telling me that ‘I will go to playschool & I will not cry’. One thing for sure, I will have tears running down my cheek when I drop her at the playschool and say bye.

Father’s day special update (16th June,2019):-

Super happy to see that brands have got Inspiration from the above story.

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Maharashtra Times has covered an article as well :

22 thoughts on “The Dad’s Learning Curve : Break from Corporate life and Sneak peek into Parenting

  1. Excellent write up. I was traveling through the memory lane while going through the entire reading. Bold and courageous move by you. Hats Off.
    All the Best and keep sharing your experiences.

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  2. Hehe this is sooo cute at the same time it is out for the world that men and a dad specifically does a lot more than just getting home a pay cheque.

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  3. Wonderful write upπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ..These moments are not only special for u but for your kid as well..Live it to the fullest..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I wish I could .
    I envy you for this
    Wonderful presentation of the experience , these are moments to cherish ..
    Take care and God bless

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  5. Awesome… wish the world had more dads like you … parenting isn’t an easy task after all .. πŸ˜…πŸ˜… and by now that it makes complete sense of a mother’s 24/7 payless job….. but i ve hearf qhen dad’s get to they always excel… and every word describes the same… good going buddy…

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  6. Hi CV..
    Just finished reading…
    Nice to hear your parenting experience..
    I remembered all my parenting days for my daughter who is now 5 and could relate many points..
    In fact this would be best time of your life which you will cherish keep enjoying dear..
    Your daughter and wife are lucky to have father & hubby like you..
    Also big compliments for such vivid writing man..
    Take care & keep smiling as always..
    Regards Vinod

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