I am a Mechanical Production Engineer & have a Post Graduate Diploma Degree in Marketing.

My career started off with selling Credit Cards , Insurance policies and did a brief stint with one of the biggest shipping companies where I worked on the Shipping documents for Europe and South East Asia liners.

I then went ahead finished my Marketing degree & worked with Material Handling Products as well as Automobile Industry, managing different spheres of work for 11+ years. My experience spans across Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Branding, Product Management, Technology, MICE, Employees & Channel Partner Incentives.

I have been writing blogs for the last 13 years.

My blog include articles about Brands, Technology, Startups, People, Restaurants, Travel, Sports & Parenting.

I write a special section about people who have followed their passion with attitude & curiosity and succeed in carving their own Success path.

I call it as ‘ PAC Talks with VJCV’.

Passion, Attitude & Curiosity”

There is lot happening around us. Keep Reading, Gain Knowledge and Be Ready for the Change. “Need to Change with the Change or You Get Changed”


I have traveled to 18 countries , explored & experienced varied destinations as well as cultures. Travel has helped me learn a lot.

My 3 year old daughter has ‘inspired’ me to step back from the hustle & bustle of life & look at the world from a whole different perspective.

Life is full of miles and smiles. Food, travel, sports, technology & staying ‘connected’ play a major role in making Life happier.

Some of the things I have done includes Shark Cage diving in South Africa, Bungee Jumping at the Corinth Canal Athens, driving a battle tank in Hungary, river rafting in Bali ,managed to ride on a seaplane in Colombo & even got to shoot with an AK47 rifle in a shooting range in Cape Town.

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