I am a Mechanical Production Engineer & have a Post Graduate Diploma Degree in Marketing.

Some of the crazy things I have done includes Shark Cage diving in South Africa, Bungee Jumping at the Corinth Canal Athens, driving a battle tank in Hungary, river rafting in Bali ,managed to ride on a seaplane in Colombo & even got to shoot with an AK47 rifle in a shooting range in Cape Town.

My career started off with selling Credit Cards , Insurance policies and did a brief stint with one of the biggest shipping companies where I worked on the Shipping documents for Europe and South East Asia liners.

I then went ahead finished my Marketing degree & worked with Material Handling Products as well as Automobile Industry, managing different spheres of work for 11+ years. My experience spans across Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Branding, Product Management, Technology, MICE, Employees & Channel Partner Incentives.

My blog articles cover about Brands, Technology, Startups, People, Restaurants, Travel, Sports & Parenting.

I write a special section under ‘Passion’ about people who go behind their passion and succeed in carving their own path.

I call it as ‘VJCV’S Filter Coffee with PAC Man/Woman’.

“Passion, Attitude & Curiosity”

There is lot happening around us -From Global Warming to changing political scenario to Digital Transformation which includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things. World is Changing drastically. Keep Reading, Gain Knowledge and Be Ready for the Change. “Need to Change with the Change or You Get Changed”

I have traveled to 18 countries , explored & experienced varied destinations as well as cultures. Travel has helped me learn a lot.

My 3 year old daughter has made me to step back from the hustle & bustle of life & look at the world from a whole different perspective.

Life is full of miles and smiles. Food, travel, sports and technology play a major role in making Life happier.

You can contact me at vijaykrishnacv@gmail.com