ShakeSphere : Patented Protein Shaker Bottle designed by an International Athlete

Barosi : Indian Dairy Farm Startup with an Earthy Good Food touch.

Start Something Priceless : Mastercard : A Brand that believes in creating lasting impressions

Robotic Kitchen: MasterChef to HomeStyle Cooking : Moley at your service

The Virgin Mary Bar : Why not lose the booze, keep the craic & say Slainte :)

Pink Salt : The cruising journey of a volleyball player who turned in to a Restaurateur : Indian Restaurant in Bray, Wicklow, Ireland

Spyce : Robot Restaurant by MIT engineers

Aavakay : Amchi Mumbai’s Special Andhra Gourmet Delight

Vanakkam : Tamil Vazhga Tamil Sapadu Vazhga, Authentic Tamil Cuisine, Restaurant started by five foodies

Rabbito : Annoyed by the exorbitant delivery charges, friends start a new Food Delivery App in the capital city of Kerala