Unwind : Travel to a Beach destination with an awesome photographer

Everyone needs a break from their hectic lifestyle or mundane work.

The search for the perfect family destination ended up when we found out a superb beach resort near Chennai. This resort was cut off from all other resort properties and still had all the required facilities to enjoy our stay.

The location was around 40 kms away from Chennai en route to Mahabalipuram.

The drive from Chennai to Kadal Resort took almost one hour. Once we were out of Chennai city traffic the drive was smooth. Good roads and less traffic helped us to reach our destination well on time. The resort was overlooking the Beach.

The view itself is so scenic that you forget your busy life and your mind will relax instantly.

The resort was clean and had all basic offerings. The place also had two tents and couple of hammocks as well. It was a different experience to sleep in a tent just next to the beach with the sound of the waves constantly hitting you. The resort is like a dormitory (hall is converted in to a dorm in the night) with an additional bedroom. This place can accommodate up to 12-15 people.


The next day we decided to visit Mahabalipuram which was just 15 kms away from our resort.

The main attraction was the Shore temple. The temple was built in the 8th century AD during the times of Palava dynasty. The marble stones still adores the beauty of the temple. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This temple even withstood the 2014 tsunami. This shows that the structure was built keeping in mind the impact of the huge water body next to it. The temple is called Shore temple because it is on the Shore of Bay of Bengal.

Best time to visit the beach and the temple is in the evening. This is also the best time to capture some amazing photos of the temple and it’s surroundings. We were fortunate to have an awesome photographer with us who captured the architectural beauty through his camera lenses.

shore temple4


For those who want to learn or try Surfing can give it a shot at Mahabalipuram. There is a small Surfing adventure cafe say 2 kms before the Shore temple.


Of course as every tourist destination have a shopping street, Mahabalipuram also has couple of streets full of shops where you can bargain and buy artifacts, dresses, accessories, etc.


artifacts bw
Overall it was a great vacation spent at the Kadal Resort.

While we always think of visiting international destinations, this Indian destination is definitely worth trying .

Fun, Travel and Unwind near to nature’s Whirlpool (the Bay of Bengal).

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