Aavakay : Amchi Mumbai’s Special Andhra Gourmet Delight

The Andhra meal's centre of attraction is Rice. It all starts with hot rice served on to your plantain leaf and a spoon of ghee is poured on top of that. The ghee will melt instantly and disappear in that 'small heap' of rice. This ghee rice becomes the base for the different variety of powders. Tur dal powder, curry leaf powder, gun powder, etc are mixed with the above base and enjoyed one after the another as per your taste buds' liking. After his search for an authentic Andhra joint turned futile, he pledged to give the Aamchi Mumbai people a taste of Andhra food. That is how Subash Rao quit his 25 years of corporate life and started his work towards achieving his dream . But for someone who had no knowledge about the restaurant business it was a herculean task.

Kerala : Refreshed Kerala will be welcoming the Guests soon..!!!

In the last one week God had some different plans for Kerala. God wanted to give its own Country a new avatar. The whole State of Kerala has gone through a phase where God wanted to once again bring people together, make them help each other, support each other to co-exist. It was like pressing the ‘Refresh’ button and the whole place goes through an act of churning to give a fresh and new look.

Kondan The Retreat : Abode in the midst of Nature

The scenic beauty gets better and better as you keep driving towards the destination. The road less taken will always have something special in store for you. Similarly the drive spanning 30 kms through a small road carved across the nature's green blanket makes the drive interesting. The steep roads with the effect of rains make them look like waterfalls. So your heart will skip a beat when you actually get a glimpse of a natural waterfall flowing straight from the sky. I was awe stuck with the scenic beauty which kept unfolding in front of my eyes after each turn of the road. Kondan The Retreat is a resort amidst the nature.Unique styled balcony facing the valley has an antique style cloth chair and a hammock which is in built to the floor of the balcony.The brain behind this gem is Prashant Padwal. The Melbourne educated Talegoan based Prashant has patiently built this place.

Vanakkam : Tamil Vazhga Tamil Sapadu Vazhga, Authentic Tamil Cuisine, Restaurant started by five foodies

The typical day for a Tamil person starts early in the morning with reading the newspaper while sipping hot coffee. These are two inseperable things in most of the traditional Tamil families. The aroma of filter coffee in the house makes your morning fresh. Vanakkam, meaning Welcome / Namaste, welcomes you to an overdose of Tamil vegetarain food. This restaurant is opened by five passionate foodies who wanted to give Thaneites the taste of authentic Tamil food.

Rabbito : Annoyed by the exorbitant delivery charges, friends start a new Food Delivery App in the capital city of Kerala

The story behind the need of starting Rabbito is similar to many of the startups. One of the founder had to order online food for his mother from a far off restaurant. The restaurant was charging an exorbitant charge for delivering the food. This made him sense the opportunity of starting a food delivery App which will help people to order from far off restaurants within Trivandrum for a small delivery charge.

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