ChewBao – KungFu Panda’s fav food with an Indi-Paw

‘Your Honour’ please listen to my argument. This is the typical way in which a lawyer’s day would begin. But lawyer Mehul starts his day by taking a count of the number of Baos he has sold till now.

KungFu Panda’s pursuit of Baos made him the chosen Dragon Warrior. Similarly the story of this lawyer turned restaurant owner is no different.

The beginning of ChewBao was also accidental. The need for helping his sister to expand her cake shop made him wear the Chef’s hat. The law college stint at South Mumbai made him try different cuisines. One such cuisine that stuck his taste palate is Bao. Bao is a soft steamed bun which is served along with a patty filing. The name ‘ChewBao’ was finalised keeping in mind that Bao is going to be the main dish and also it sounded similar to ‘ChaBao’ which means to chew in Hindi. The moment Mehul realised that this is what his heart wanted to pursue , he wore the Chef’s white coat and the Lawyer’s black coat was sent as a take away to his attic.

This one year old restaurant in Thane mainly caters to take away orders but they do have seating available for 8-10 customers. They serve different varieties of Bao which caters to both veg & non-vegetarian.

But it is not easy to run an own restaurant single-handed. Plus Mehul was looking for a partner whom he can trust and help him expand his offerings. His childhood friend Ankit happened to be the go to man. Ankit helped in adding several North Indian dishes to their menu.

The good part of ChewBao is that all their dishes are tweaked to give you a new flavour/ taste and it is not just the regular menu. Their menu includes drinks like Smoky Chaas, Hajmola Shikanji , etc.

Bao filling includes Magic Mushroom, Paneer Khurchan, Chicken Peri Peri, Better Chicken (oh yes,, you read it right), etc.

North Indian menu includes Spicy Kolhapuri, Accha medium spicy, murg Dopiyaza, etc.Their Tandoori daal is delicious with a touch of smokiness in-built in to the flavour. The Chef “Raju Bhaiyya’ from Uttarakhand can be seen around when you visit the restaurant. He makes sure that you walk out of the restaurant licking your fingers.

If you are looking to try a new dish but still want to also eat the regular cuisines then this is a recommended place.

ChewBao : Drool, Munch, Belch, Repeat…!!!

They have recently under gone a brand transition by incorporating a new logo and have added some extra new dishes.

Location :- Hiranandani Meadows (back side) , Near Hyde Park

Cost : Moderate

Taste : Yummy

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