Kerala : Refreshed Kerala will be welcoming the Guests soon..!!!

The God’s Own Country, one of the best travel destinations of the World, Kerala is a place which is in the wish list of any traveller. The beauty of Kerala is that it has different types of destinations for every kind of traveller. Beaches, wild life sanctuaries, waterfalls, hill stations, back waters, scenic places, cultural festivities, pilgrimage locations, etc. gives the traveller in you a plethora of choices.

In the last one week God had some different plans for Kerala. God wanted to give its own Country a new avatar. The whole State of Kerala has gone through a phase where God wanted to once again bring people together, make them help each other, support each other to co-exist. It was like pressing the ‘Refresh’ button and the whole place goes through an act of churning to give a fresh and new look.

Kerala has just gone through this Refreshing act of God which saw people coming out of their houses and moving in to community living. People coming together and sharing their belongings. The beauty of this whole process was that, during this ‘refresh mode’, no one spoke about any differences: be it related to religions, economic status, friends, foes, etc. Everyone turned up in unison to support one another and succeed through this eventful process.

The whole journey would not have been possible without the help of proper guidance from internal God sent representatives and external sources. The Kerala government maintained its calm and never showed a panicked face to the external world. The government representatives ensured that proper support was put up in place to sustain this churning up phase. The administrative in charges of respective districts made sure that there is a focussed approach in moving people out to their new temporary homes. The first set of help came in from that set of people who as part of their daily survival do the most adventurous job. Yes, the fishermen, who keep going into the ocean without any fear were the ones who got their boats and waded through the water to get people out from their locations. In addition to this there were special God’s own representatives flying in their helicopters. The scenic Kerala was witness to the new green angels which showed their presence in the sky. They helped to swiftly pick up people from their terraces or other low lying areas & moved them to designated locations.

But to move millions of people overnight to new homes had another challenge. Who will arrange the meals, new dresses, etc.? This is where the external sources jumped in and made sure that enough supplies of food, blankets, dresses etc. were collected at a brisk pace and sent to Kerala.

The whole co-ordinated activity of refreshing Kerala could not have been this smooth if not for the technological support. The techie Mallus and non Mallus (who extended their help) across the globe put up a 24*7 non-stop support mechanism. They made sure that the right news got spread through different social media channels. This also made sure that all the activities were aligned properly and there was no duplication or wastage of resources.

But what if the people of Kerala did not have the confidence in this refreshing act or the courage to stand up tall against this windfall change. Then none of this could have been possible. It is always great to see people keeping their chin up and facing the change with utmost composure.

(“always expect the unexpected”)

‘Change is the only constant in life’: If you are not ready for the change then you will be left behind. This is what once again this whole one week Kerala effect has shown to the World.

Now it is time to ‘Move On’. Move on and get going with the new life, new landscapes and new thought. The new light will shine.

Since the rains have stopped and the act of God has pacified, now is the time to beautify the God’s Own Country and bring back the scenic look of Kerala. The houses need to be cleaned, the landscapes will have to be rebuild, and the scenic places need a helping hand. This needs support from each and every person/organization across the globe in all possible forms. I am sure soon Kerala will once again be ready to welcome their guests and give everyone a picturesque experience.

Kerala : New Refresh Model will be ready soon..!!!

It will be great if you can send in your contributions to help this cause:

Kerala Chief Minister’s Relief Fund Account Details

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