The Virgin Mary Bar : Why not lose the booze, keep the craic & say Slainte :)

Ireland is known for the Drinking culture & is among the top 5 countries among the European Union when it comes to consuming alcohol.

So it is very common when you get to hear that a new bar is getting opened in the capital city of Dublin. The discussion will be that ‘ there is another new bar around the corner’.

The Virgin Mary Bar will open its door to the customers today & will welcome one and all who are legally allowed to consume alcohol. Some specially curated cocktails to lighten up the menu options as well. So definitely a new bar to check out this weekend.

But there is a twist in the tale. The Virgin Mary Bar is a ‘Non-Alcoholic’ Bar. Yes, you read it right, the first of its kind bar. You will be served Beers, Wines and Cocktails and none of them will be having any percentage of alcohol.

The Virgin Mary Bar Dublin came about from two well-known characters in the Irish drinks industry, Vaughan Yates and Oisín Davis, who are also two of the creators of Poacher’s, Ireland’s first range of premium Irish mixers.

Some of the latest reports say that around 84% of adults in Ireland consume alcohol and the intake is just over 13 litres (pure alcohol per adult in a year). The youngsters of Ireland are also rated among the top binge drinkers. So for a country which has such high in take of alcohol, a non alcoholic bar will change the tide ?

As per Vaughan Yates, this is going to be a new offering for the people of Ireland. Vaughan explains, “Dublin is an incredibly diverse city with an increasingly discerning population, so people are looking for a place where they can sit down with friends and really connect in a lively yet mindful drinking environment.”

Oisín adds, “If a fellow Dubliner wants to catch up with mates after 4 pm in the city but doesn’t want to hang out in a pub, the only options available to them are multi-national cafes that largely lack any atmosphere. I’m really looking forward to changing that and finally giving people an alternative.” 

(Vaughan Yates, Anna Walsh & Oisin Davis)

Behind every man’s success there is a woman & for The Virgin Mary Bar it is not one but 4 women leading the charge. Women power of TVM includes Anna Walsh (Head Bartender), Nicola Connolly (Marketing Director) Sarah Connolly (Communications Director) & Aoife Kenny (Creative Director).

If this venture works out then ‘The Virgin Mary Bar’ will be getting the first mover advantage in the Non alcoholic space. So definitely many other pub owners and entrepreneurs will be keenly watching the progress of TVM. If the taste of drinks are going to be at par or close to the alcoholic counter parts then definitely it will attract regular drinkers. In addition to this the signature drinks of TVM will need to be really good. Going by their photos, it definitely looks interesting.

The bar is called after the world’s most popular alcohol-free cocktail, The Virgin Mary, the bar’s signature version will be mixed with freshly pressed vegetable juices, a Dublin made hot sauce and spicy infusions all created in-house.

The opening menu will feature creations such as the heady pomegranate, hibiscus and black cardamom ‘Tiki Street’ and the delectable date, oat milk and tahini based ‘Dessert Anyone?’ The Virgin Mary will also have an array of alcohol-free beers such as Mikkeler from Denmark, de-alcoholised wines including Natureo from Spain and alcohol-free spirits like Ceder’s from the UK and Silk Tree from Ireland. 

TVM can also be a place that the office goers can look up to if they want to quickly meet for a couple of ‘drinks’ during the office hours. Tourists also who are teetotalers will be keen to visit TVM as this will help them to get the feel of Irish bars and enjoy their zero percent alcohol drinks as well.

Whenever you go out and have couple of drinks, then you always have in the back of your mind ‘Drink Responsibly’. But The Virgin Mary Bar gives you an option to binge drinking 😉

In a city that loves to be social, why not lose the booze and keep the craic at The Virgin Mary Bar, 54 Capel St. There’s nothing dry about TVM 🙂

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