ShakeSphere : Patented Protein Shaker Bottle designed by an International Athlete

Healthy lifestyle and balanced diet is one of the most discussed topics across demographics and geographies.

One of the key elements of this ‘Balanced’ diet is the quintessential intake of Protein. The recommended consumption for each person is decided as per the weight & the activities performed during the course of the day. People who ‘hit’ the gym on a regular basis tend to require more of this. Similar is the case with those involved in any kind of Sports. Protein supplement is one go to option for these kind of people to get that additional amount into the system.

Rick Beardsell is an athlete who has represented the United Kingdom in the World Masters Athletics Championship. The Gold medals won by him in the 200m, 400m, 4*100m, 4*400m at the 2016 Perth Masters shows his passion and dedication towards the Sport. The Protein supplements are a regular part of his overall ‘work out’ & training plan.

He, like many other people, faced challenges while using the Protein Shaker Bottle. The Protein Powder was not getting utilised 100% as powder gets stuck to the corners of the bottle. It also gets difficult to clean the bottle and there was constant smell inside the bottle because of this residual. So ultimately it was leading to waste of money as well as time. Rick adds “When the powder gets stuck in the corners, bacteria can grow that effect the users health. If the powder is left for a day a certain amount of bacteria will grow, after two days the bacteria will actually double.”

Rick Beardsell shares his story with me about the journey from being an athlete to a super busy entrepreneur selling ‘patented’ Protein Shaker Bottles.

“It was very frustrating to clean the protein shaker bottles. In addition to this if I need to mix any fruit or anything , then I had to buy a bottle with a blender. This made the cleaning of the bottle even more difficult” says Rick. ShakeSphere is BPA free as well.

BPA is another word which keeps popping up along with the protein shaker /all plastic bottles. Though many bottles are nowadays BPA free, I got a simple basic explanation of it from Dr Febe Francis. ” BPA is basically a precursor in production of certain types of plastics. Mostly the type used in making storage containers and certain types of surface coatings. In the long run BPA gets released from these materials. For example microwaving your storage containers. The problem that the material has is that it mimics oestrogen in it’s property and this can have direct implication on on our physiology.” said Dr Febe mentioning the importance of BPA free bottles & who believes that it takes some thought from product designers when it comes to sustainability.

Life is a beautiful journey. We never understand this unless the right moment comes up and connect the events perfectly.

Rick Beardsell also realized this when he went on to design the ‘Patented Protein Shaker Bottle’. He is a Product design graduate & during his early days of work, he got to be an intern with a furniture brand in Italy. “I got a chance to use the knowledge and learnings from both these experiences“. It helped him design the ‘ShakeSphere’ bottle.

ShakeSphere is a UK based company.

Rick says “The two opposing hemispheres of ShakeSphere create a capsule shape which does the mixing for you. This unique shape capsule makes all the difference.

In terms of the name ShakeSphere, as it is a shaker bottle that’s where the `Shake` comes from and in terms of the `Sphere` is down to the spherical base and top of the bottle.

What is unique about ShakeSphere?” I asked Rick. I was keen to know the USP of this Shaker Bottle. Rick said “ShakeSphere doesn’t have a blender. The shape of the bottle is spherical and this helps to work as a blender. This unique shape also removes the possibility of the powder getting stuck in the corners”.

The parent in me quickly thought of this to be the best product to carry around when going out with kids. This solves the problem of making instant ‘On the Go’ healthy fruit shakes for kids.

ShakeSphere will be a good add on for the people in the corner offices as well. The design of the bottle looks elite and also helps to maintain healthy diet in the midst of their busy schedule.

This Patented Shaker Bottle has made its presence felt in 20+ countries till now. “You must be having a global team working on this ?” I asked Rick to learn more about his team. The answer was quite an amazing one. “We are just a team of three. My wife Eszter and myself do all that is required to run this company. In addition to this we have Frank Fang overlooking our production requirements.” said Rick. I asked Eszter “How did you have an interest in this type of ‘fitness’ product?“. Eszter said that she likes to work out and a solution like ‘ShakeSphere” was just the perfect one. She has a Business & Management degree and that is helping in this new role.

ShakeSphere Protein Shaker Bottles are getting manufactured in China and distributed to 20+ countries across the globe. ShakeSphere Tumbler is the outcome of regular innovative upgradation of their initial product.

It is great to see a small team scaling their operations with utmost ease. They have sold about half a million bottles in the last two years. Currently the plan for Rick, Eszter and ShakeSphere is to enter new markets and increase the Sales. The will and determination of an athlete in winning gold medals and setting world records can be seen in other areas of his life as well.

ShakeSphere is for now Shaking up the protein shaker bottle market at a brisk pace & has already started getting accolades. Rick Beardsell is looking to set new records in this entrepreneurial journey, similar to his athlete life achievements.

Rick Beardsell, the athlete turned entrepreneur, is one of the first ‘Sports’ related personality to feature in PAC Talks with VJCV.