Abhigya Anand’s Special Interview: “World needs to develop more Immunity” says The Prodigy Kid

I interviewed Abhigya Anand on 30th March, 2020 amidst the steady increase of Covid19 cases across the globe. The interview was done as part of PAC Talk with VJCV. Interviews of people ( in this case – young kid) showing the World that Passion, Attitude & Curiosity can take you to places.

Abhigya Anand, the prodigy kid, 7 months ago predicted about the Global turmoil. He had shared the prediction on his youtube channel Conscience.

The links to this Abhigya’s interview (for the podcast audio & youtube channel) is shared below. The below article has some content which is not part of the audio / video & vice versa.

YouTube Link to this Interview

Listen to the Apple Podcast here

YouTube Link to Abhigya’s Prediction Video

Abhigya (with the naughtiness of a 14 year old kid) said ” I play cricket & various games like chess & hand tennis. We also play with the cows & their calves in our house” during the interview. He spoke about his 1st prediction, the current prediction of global turmoil & his future prediction as well.

VJCV: So how have you been in the last one week or so, when people started realising that a kid from India had predicted about the current global situation 7 months ago?

Abhigya: From time to time various people have proved Astrology true. This time I feel Astrology is getting the deserved importance. This time I feel is the turning point & people will start understanding the energies of the planets & how they are getting associated with the conditions in the modern world. The planets still have their influence.

VJCV: How old are you?

Abhigya: I am now 14 years old.

VJCV: How many laguages do you speak ?

Abhigya: 6 – Tamil, Sindhi, Sanskrit, English, Hindi & Kannada

VJCV: Can you please share the details of your certifications / educational courses completed by you?

Abhigya: (Abhigya is home schooled)

Sanskrit – Sahitya from Karnataka Samskrit University ( age 11).

Pravesha from Surasarswathi Sabha ( Equivalent to Master’s in Sanskrit age 11)

PGDAM ( Post Graduation Diploma in Ayurvedic Microbiology at age 10 )

Jyotisha Visharada (  Master in Astrology at age 11 )

BVS ( Bachelors in Vaastu Shaastra at age 12)

VJCV: Tell me about your daily routine?

Abhigya: We get up at 4:30 am , finish the morning routine activities by 5:30 am, we do pooja of God & chant various mantras. We worship Lord Ramachandra, Lord Krishna, Lord Lakshmi Narsimha & also Lord Shiva always. Every single moment we respect & regard all the influencers of this Universe in the morning. We have our breakfast at 8:30 am, lunch at 12:30 pm & dinner at 4:30 pm. We go to bed by 7:30 pm.

VJCV: Are there any specific Sthothrams you recite on a daily basis ?

Abhigya: On a daily basis I recite Venkatsha Suprabhatam, Bhagavad Gita ( 1 chapter every day), Narasimha Kavacham & Navgraha Mantra. On a weekly basis: I recite ‘Shiva Thandava Stotram’ on Mondays, Hanuman Chalisa & Skanda Shashti Kavacham on Tuesdays, Vishnu Sahsra Namah, Saraswati & Hayagriva Stotram on Wednesdays, Vishnu Sahsra Namah on Thursdays, Ayigiri Nandhini & Lalitha Sahsranama on Fridays, Shani Pooja on Saturdays & Aditya Hridayam on Sundays.

VJCV: Coming to the current prediction, How do you keep track of the Planetary motion on a regular basis?

Abhigya: I examine the different verses of Samhitas especially the Brihat Samhita by Varahamihira. I look at the different Omens explained by the Sages. These are not to be taken lightly. These are reflections of Global Karma. There are 3 types of phenomenas : Terrestrial, Stellar & Planetary. Terrestrial phenomena includes the floods , earth quakes, etc. But my major part of my prediction is based on Stellar & Planetary phenomenas & I use 3D , Virtual Reality animations including telescopic views of the Planets.

VJCV: Which was your 1st Prediction?

Abhigya: It was somewhere in 2018 where I had predicted that there will be a global recession in the coming future. This was dual prediction: 1. Considering the astronomical conjunction & 2. based on the Science of the market, the debt piled up. I was focusing the Financial aspect of the World at that point in time.

VJCV: When did you realize about the current prediction ?

Abhigya: I realised about this around Feb 2019. I predicted the worsening relationships of US & Iran. During that period when I was researching I got these insights.

VJCV: What was your reaction when you understood about such a dangerous situation ?

Abhigya: I was Startled. The prediction that I made could have been done 100 or 1000 years back as well. The Planetary positions can be predicted. I only found out about this by June, July 2019. I uploaded the video in Aug 2019. It was very normal situation across the globe at that time, so people did not realize the seriousness.

VJCV: How long does it take to research on such topics ?

Abhigya: It takes time and need to dedicate time on a daily basis. But I enjoy analyzing the planets & is fun for me. But when it becomes negative then you can feel the negativity around us.

VJCV: Can you explain / talk about the vibrations that can be created by chanting OM & how it helps in keeping the negativity away?

Abhigya: OM is a wonderful vibration & it is created from the origin of the Universe. Whenever negativity is around us then we can utter OM & it helps in rejuvenating the human being, releases the good hormones of the body & also oxytocin & other good chemicals. It also calms down the body & is good for yoga.

VJCV: 7 months ago when you released the video predicting the severe danger to the world, you had also released a video in which you spoke about the remedies like at least one day of non violence, people from all different religions praying to their respective Gods,etc. to reduce the impact. Do you feel that if those remedies were done then the impact of this Virus could have been reduced ?

Abhigya: Vegetarianism is one of main and most wonderful things to do. If we do not want such pandemics in the future then we should stand up for Ahimsa, not harming animals & fellow humans, not harming Mother Earth (use eco friendly products). This does not mean that I am against Humanity but it means that Humanity needs to understand the values of Life & also of fellow creatures as well.

VJCV: You have shared that 31st March and 1st April are going to be the most dangerous days & that the situation can worsen during this period. Can you explain that and the precautions that needs to be taken ?

Abhigya: This particular time people should take lot of care. People should take Immunity boosters that I have shared in my other videos. Elderly people should be very careful. Moon is conjunct with ascending node and allows a quick dispersal of droplets. Rahu (180 degree ascending node) will make the disease spread widely during this period. Do not lock yourself up. Make sure that you get enough Sunlight within the household premises. I have suggested herbal remedies also in my video.

VJCV: Is there anything else that can be done to reduce the spread of the Virus now?

Abhigya: If People take a pledge to stop doing harm to Mother Nature, Mother Cow & Mother Earth, this world will be relieved of most of the sufferings. You also need to follow the Social Distancing but it will help only for now. But for future , building our immunity is very important. Immunity is the basic thing and make sure it is not degenerated. World needs to develop more Immunity.

VJCV: Do you foresee a similar situation coming up in the next few months?

Abhigya: Yes, I foresee that and I will be sharing the details of that on my YouTube Channel shortly.

VJCV: Considering that you have already learned & achieved a lot for your age – including this prediction, What is your aspiration?

Abhigya: I want to help Humanity with all Vedic Sciences. Vedic Sciences see everything. Sarvam Drishtam, Sarvam Jnatham & it is encoded. It is the duty of every human to protect people. Do not torture animals and do eco friendly things to protect Mother Nature.

VJCV: How do your parents support you in all your learnings ?

Abhigya: My parents help to get me the right books, give outlook of things happening in the world in different perspectives.

VJCV: You are the Tutor & Mentor for your sister Abhideya – who is the next upcoming star. How do you do that?

Abhigya: We both are really naughty :). We study for a short while. We study whatever we like. I try teaching her Vastu Sashtra, Astrology. She likes the technical side of both of them. It all depends on how you maintain the interest of the Student . If the student does not have interest then you can move mountains but you cannot teach. Student will learn if they have interest even if you do not teach. Eklavya learned all complete archery better than Arjuna without the help of any teacher. Modern education is lacking in generating that interest.

Abhigya ended the interview by Chanting few Slokas. The same can be viewed / listened by visiting this link.

Link to Abhigya’s Herbal Remedies (to keep the virus at bay during this pandemic):

Link to one of Abhigya’s Swacha Shareer Campaign Talk Video (he has spoken in detail about this in the PAC Talk interview):

The World Needs to develop More Immunity” – this is the key message shared by Abhigya.

Abhigya’s YouTube Channel

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Healthy. Hope we soon see things getting better and a reduction in the impact of Corona Virus / Covid19.

©ConscienceAbhigya ©Vijaykrishnacv

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  1. Can you please find out from him what should the Indian Government do to help the people. Please ask him to enter his suggestions to PMO in their website.


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