Night Drive starring Roshan Mathew, Anna Ben , Indrajith: Yet another movie from Kerala getting added to the list of special ‘Mallu’ movies

Malayalam movies , fondly called as Mallu movies by the global audience has been producing amazing stories for decades. It is in the last 6-7 years, the non malayalee viewership for these movies started going up exponentially.

Simple yet beautiful, subtle yet powerful, nice yet stand out and this goes on about the way in which Malayalam movies gets discussed across states and countries. Global audience wait for the release of Malayalam movies. The percentage of such beautiful, powerful, stand out movies churned out by Kerala film industry every year is on a steady rise.

I watched Night Drive on Netflix. This movie released last month in theatres and this week in the OTT platforms, Netflix, Manorama Max & Simply southtv, will definitely get added to this list. Typical mallu movie which starts to grow on you and takes shape as the story goes on. The movie starts off with usual politics, issues, etc. But the story becomes so gripping and will keep you hooked on to it. There are definitely few scenes which will give you the high / goosebumps.

Roshan Mathews, Anna Ben , Indrajith and other leading actors have played their part really well. Once you see the line up and combination of such actors then the expectations are high and you will be seldom disappointed. The pairing of Roshan Mathews and Anna Ben had given the audience a thriller not so long ago, Kappella. This 2020 movie won accolades from audience as well as awards.

Indrajith added the matured fire power to this young pairing and along with the other co-actors Siddique & co have done a commendable work. Roshan has got a special calm in acting and the transitions from a normal man to the angry young man happens with utmost ease. Roshan who started his acting career by doing plays in theatres in Chennai and Mumbai , shows his caliber and experience amassed from those days into the big screen. Anna Ben is not far behind in holding up the role of news anchor who does not fear to speak out. The actress has been playing roles in all her movies effortlessly and this one is no different.

Overall, Night Drive is a good 2 hours entertainer from Malayalam film industry. A simple movie with a superb story and class acting. The usual flavours of special Mallu movies like background music, suspense, etc. is at par with the recent releases. Good work by director Vysakh and writer Abhilash Pillai.

As it is the case for most Mallu movies, word of mouth will bring more viewers and by the end of this long weekend OTT platforms would garner lot of viewership for Night Drive.

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