Trip to the God’s Own Country – Kerala is always full of thrills and smiles

The moment you think about Kerala, the first thing that comes to your mind is the scenic surrounding and the serene environment.

I was treated to nothing less than this during my trip to Kerala in the month of December 2016.

December is a good time to visit Kerala as the climate is pleasant at least during the morning and evening times while afternoons are slightly hot.

Kerala has got everything to offer from hill stations to beaches to wild life and the ever flowing backwaters. In addition to this when Kerala is your home town and you are heading to your ancestral house then you are surely in for a blissful holiday.

My ancestral house is now almost 90 years old.

It withholds lot of memories. I was happy to reach home during the period of traditional ‘Karthigai Deepam’ function. This is a festival where in lamps are lighted by sisters for the well-being of brothers.

I always make sure that my visit to Kerala is spiced up by doing the best adventurous activity.

The best adventurous thing you can do in Kerala is to take a bus ride in any of the famous routes which are known for Bus racing. Yes you read it right: ‘Bus Racing’.

Most parts of Kerala’s transportation is managed by private buses. There are specific routes in which you can witness or experience (if you dare) the so called crazy ‘Bus Racing’.

Bus drivers are super skilled to maneuver through the small roads of Kerala with utmost ease. I have always felt that the Bus Racing route that is near to my house is similar to F1 Monaco Circuit. The distance from my house (Wadakanchery) to Thrissur is 20 km. The complete stretch of road is single lane. 15 stops (which you can compare it with the F1 pit stop) are there between these two destinations. Passengers also play a crucial role in helping the bus maintain the lead or overtake the competing buses.

From the moment I enter the Bus from my bus stop, i get involved in the Racing. Bus conductor enquires as to which stop I have to get down. In case I have to get down at a Stop where no other passenger is getting down then there are situations where in the conductor gives back the money and ask you to get down in the next stop. This is to make sure that the bus doesn’t have additional Stops. This helps the Bus driver to maintain the speed. Some passengers even help the bus to maintain the lead position. They inform the driver that they can jump out of the bus. So the driver slows down the bus giving an opportunity for the Passenger to jump out of the bus. This helps the driver not to completely stop the bus and to maintain the momentum.

There is one straight road with a stretch of 2 km. This is the main place to make the overtaking move. Buses attain their maximum speed in this straight line and the driver who has the best skill in braking the bus late and curving it in has a better chance of taking the lead at the end of this segment. If this segment is missed then the Driver has to try the risky overtaking maneuver in one of the many curves. In many a situation I have been in buses which have almost ended up touching the near-by paddy fields before steering back to the road. Yes I have ended up closing my eyes and praying to God: “No accidents plzzzzzzz”

But the thrill and adrenaline pumping I get out of this bus ride is beyond words. I have taken the best of the best roller coaster rides at Disney Land. But the goose bumps, blood rush and the whole experience I get out of this Bus ride makes me rate my native “Bus Racing” way above all the possible Roller Coaster or adventure rides in the world.

If someone wants to enjoy this ‘Bus Ride’ then please do take a bus drive from Thrissur to Wadakanchery or vice versa. I am sure you will enjoy the 20 minute adventurous ride for just 15 INR.

So while the serene, scenic background gives you a peaceful holiday this “Bus Racing” experience will surely make you think that there are awesome talented drivers in this part of the World.

Truly Kerala is God’s Own Country: God has to keep a watch on all these Bus Racing and make sure that every person involved in this adventure activity come out unscratched.

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