‘Environmentally Sexy’ Models – The FIAT 500e Campaign

Have you ever thought of sharing your Deepest, Most Secret Thoughts to Find A Match. That too with someone who says:-
“I’m hot, eco-friendly, and love to take charge.
I know exactly how to speed up our relationship.
You’ll love how I respond to the softest touch.
Some say I’m an angel on the inside.
After some rest, I can go for a spin again and again.”
This is what is in store when you enter the FIAT 500e campaign site. You have to answer questions similar to the ones mentioned below.

Environmentally Sexy Campaign
Environmentally Sexy Campaign

Once you answer all the questions and search to ‘Find A Match’ – you will be surprised to see that the website suggests you the best suitable FIAT 500e Model which matches your expectations and needs.

Fiat 500e touch

Fiat 500e clicks

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