It’s Tea Time : Ketley Brews

The first thing that comes to your mind after a 3-4 hours of shopping with your family on a rainy day is ‘Garam adhrak Chai Chahiye’. This craving for Tea on a Sunday afternoon led us to this small Restaurant in Thane.

Ketley Brews and Bites – as the name suggests – they brew some lovely varieties of tea and also put together good food as well. It is located near to the TCS Campus on Pokhran Road Nos.2 Majiwada, and focuses on Speciality Tea offerings.

The first thing that impressed me was the ambience of the place:- Great décor, creative wall painting, low floor seating and unique ‘Ring For Tea’ concept to call the Waiter. The restaurant can take maximum of 25 – 30 customers at a time.

I realized that there are a lot of Tea options available in the market other than the regular Ginger / Black and Green Tea.

Ketley has a long list of tea varieties in their Menu which ranges from the basic Assam Tea, Ginger Tea, and Cardamom to exotic Silver Needle White Tea, Ice Wine Tea, Beehive Twist and The Red Dose.

The moment you are seated – you will be provided a small bell. To place orders you just need to “Ring For Tea” Bell and the Waiter will come to your table.

We tried the Ginger Tea and Apple Mint flavoured Organic Green Tea. Both tasted really well. Apple Mint Green Tea was infused with Apple flavour and the taste will leave you wanting for more.

The urge to try the food menu made us convert this visit to a very early Dinner (5 pm) outing.

Their Food menu comprises of Starters, Main Course and Dessert. Menu comprises of Veg and Non Veg options – Pasta, Pizza, Risotto, Burgers, etc.

We ordered Maggi, Cheese Nuggets, French Fries and finished our meal with Risotto and Garlic Bread.

Maggi was tasty – the authentic taste of Maggi was maintained.

Cheese Nuggets – Yummy

French Fries – was happy to see thin strips fried with less amount of oil.

Risotto – They serve Caribean, Jamaican, Spiced Greek Yogurt, Hot Chilli Tomato to name a few from the list. We tried the Hot Chilli Tomato and indeed it was real Spicy.

Overall a good cosy place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Though the plan for having Rs.10/- Tea turned out to be Rs.1000/- dinner outing we were content.

“Ketley Brews & Bites: Let’s Brew Happiness”

Price: I felt that the rates were slightly on a higher side but the ambience and taste of tea + food somewhat makes it for the price you pay.

Service: Good

Parking: Since there is road work happening you will have to park your car on the opposite side of the road. It is a challenge till the time the road work is not completed.

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