Kill No Kalories – It’s a Crime – Keep eating and Save the Calories 

‘Burn Calories’ is the trend everywhere.

People are doing everything possible to burn the precious calories, earned from eating & drinking at some point in time, by joining a gym or following a strict diet, etc.

I was surprised to see a restaurant which has propped up two months back in Thane which has gone against this tide.

“Kill No Kalories” – yes you read it right. That’s the name of this cosy small cafe started by the Bhatt brothers – Drupad and Yashit.

The ambience and decor is apt. Wall decor contains captions which will bring a smile to your face and will make you decide that this is my “Cheat Day”.

The moment you enter the cafe you will be a bit taken aback by seeing the small tables and chairs. But it will hardly take you couple of minutes to feel happy and decide not to ‘Kill’ the person who recommended this restaurant. Outlet can take maximum 20-25 people at a time but still the ambience will make you feel relaxed.

Coming to the business side of the restaurant :- This is a classic example of Vertical integration. The Bhatt brothers have been busy with their Food blog ‘TheHoggingBhat’ for more than a year now. Tasting food and reviewing the cuisines and restaurants made them realize that they also can try their hand in opening a restaurant of their own. Thus they started “Kill No Kalories (KNK)”. The experience of reviewing lot of Restaurants have helped them realize that it’s just not about the ambience and the food. It’s a combination of Music + Food + Board Games + Ambience which gives the perfect vibe to this cafe.

So irrespective of with whom you are visiting the cafe, friends, family or alone, there are enough options – Ludo, tic tac toe, Rubik’s cube, Uno cards, etc. to make use of the waiting time (after you order the food).

The music played in the background is also awesome. Dhrupad said that they do perform sometimes in the evening. I would definitely visit once to see them perform.

The main attraction of a restaurant is always food. Kill No Kalories offer you Shakes, Coffee, Green tea, Fries, Burgers, Pasta, Pizza, European rice preparations, Maggi and Desserts.

Injected Samosa Maggi is the talk of the Town and I visited this place to try that in specific.

The combo of Samosa + Maggi serving with a syringe filled with cheese. Good idea to bring together on one plate the two most sought out snacks. Maggi + veggies + samosa + cheese – it won’t disappoint you for sure.

I also tried the basic Cheese fries and Spinach rice. Cheese fries was crispy and classic. Spinach rice was served along with couple of garlic bread. Rice was cooked along with some herbs like Rosemary which brings the European feel to the plate. The preparation was typical European – slightly bland. So if you want it to be more spicy and salty then you need to tell them while placing the order. I liked the Spinach rice in it’s original form.

Quantity of servings of all dishes were adequate for two people.

Desserts and shakes will tickle your cravings.

No meal is complete without a Dessert. KNK special shake, Oreo shake, Nutella shake and deep fried Oreo with ice cream are few of the drinks and desserts in the offering. The way it is served in a glass mug with waffers, Oreo and ice cream will put you in a spot – whether to spoil the decorated dessert serving or to dig into it straight away as you will not be able to resist it.

(KNK pic of Deep fried Oreo with ice cream )

Overall Kill No Kalories is a must visit to relax, smile, play some board games, listen to good music and eat without guilt – Buring Calories can take a one day break ;).

Location :- Ghantali Devi Road, Near Sai Baba Mandir (adjacent to Ram Maruti Road)

Rates are inclusive of taxes 🙂

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