World Cup 2018 : Iceland making an early impact

#ISL the smallest nation ever to qualify for #WorldCup scores against #Argentina in their 1st match. Country with only 3.35 lakh people make an early impact. Elves are swiftly capturing hearts. Tmw is #fathersday & the 11 ‘Son’s of #ISL team are celebrating early 😉 #ARG #ARGICE

No wonder #ISL has pulled out an impossible result.

They’ve been performing really well in last few years.

Current @FIFAcom ranking :22
Average ranking from the time ranking system was started :65

Steady consistent performance.

The world will remember #ISL for years to come.

Great team effort @footballiceland

Awesome start to their 1st ever #WorldCup campaign.

This is why #Football is known as ‘o jogo bonito’ – the beautiful game.

#ARGISL #ArgentinaIslanda #ArgentinavsIceland

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