World Cup 2018 : Group Stage 1st Round : Top teams face hurdles

“Well begun is half done” ..this may not hold true for majority of the top ranked teams in the on going Football World Cup.

Countries like Iceland, Japan and Senegal have shown the World that anything can happen in 90′ and even Champions can be beaten. Some may say that these countries were lucky or it was bad luck of the higher ranked countries who lost or drew against them but Football is and always will be a game for the brave hearts. Winning or Losing is going to be part of the game. Iceland, Japan and Senegal showed that determination and commitment will yield results. Korea and Tunisia also almost did the impossible.

Spain, Portugal, Brazil & Switzerland have played the strongest opponent in their first game and managed to earn a draw. But the 2nd round match is going to be very important. One mistake and they may be staring at the exit door. But these teams have the talent & experience to play well and move ahead from the Group Stage.

Second round matches of the Group stage is going to be crucial for all 32 teams. This will determine which all teams will move ahead with ease & who all will have to wait till the last round matches are over to find out whether they will qualify for the pre quarters.

Top teams will definitely come back strong and make sure that there is no more slip ups during the group stage. The lower ranked teams will have to keep pushing themselves to pull out something to qualify from the group stage.

The game will get lively, interesting and emotional from now on.

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