World Cup 2018 : France unleashed a 19 year old & he was too hot to handle for Argentina

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Cracker of a match..!!!

When Argentina was looking forward to their #10 Messi to take them through to the Quarter final …

When France was expecting a special from Griezmann, Pogba…

A 19 year old kid was standing in one corner wearing the #10 jersey of Les Blues. Lot of talks were going around about his footballing skills and whether he will be able to perform at this biggest World stage.

This one was a high pressure game, a big Match and the whole world was watching. Even the most experienced players would have felt the pressure to perform tonight.

But this 19 year old : Kylian Mbappe Lottin (the costliest teenager signed by any club – currently playing for Paris Saint Germain on loan from Monaco FC) showed the World that age or experience does not matter when it comes to showcasing your skills. He played with ease and with great maturity. Won the penalty for the team and then scored two goals one with his left foot and another with his right foot. Crucial performance when it mattered the most. Mbappe equalled the record set by the legend of football Pele : teenager to score two goals in a World Cup match. Pele did this in 1958 World Cup Finals Vs Sweden.(In addition to this Mbappe in the group stage had scored against Peru and became the youngest French goalscorer in World Cup. )

Mbappe definitely will feature on all the newspaper headlines tomorrow. What a way to announce your arrival on the big World arena…!!!

He is a big admirer of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Another one who stood out today for the Les Blues was N’golo Kante. The no.13 is like a toy machine who keeps running non stop for 90 minutes. He did the job almost to perfection. He got knocked down couple of times. But just got up without any sign of protests and kept going.

Yes there were other players who made their significant contributions to smoke sure that the France team moves one step closer to the World Cup trophy.

Argentina tried to make a late come back but it was a tall task for them. Messi had to come out with something special but though Argentina and Messi played well it was too much for them to make a comeback.

France proceed to the quarter final defeating Argentina 4-3.

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