Robotic Kitchen: MasterChef to HomeStyle Cooking : Moley at your service

Every day when you get up in the morning or return from office, the foremost thing that you have in your mind is “What is the menu for today?”.

Many of you’ve the fortune that someone is back home to take care of all your ‘requests’ and cook accordingly. But there are others who have to do it all by themselves, eating out or end up ordering through one of the food delivery Apps like Yelp, Uber Eats, Zomato, Deliveroo, etc.

So when you are given an opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy reading a book or watch a sitcom or finish your urgent office work while your food is getting prepared automatically; and that too a replica of the MasterChef recipe you always wanted to taste; you will be more than happy to grab it with both your hands.

Also there are people who are living away from home & crave to have simple homemade food , similar to what your parents / grandparents cook at home for you. So here comes an opportunity to save those simple cooking techniques or the special ‘secret recipes’ of cooking, get the exact same thing cooked at your place far away from home & the best part is that it can be passed on to next generations as well. Your kids can experience the taste of the special cooking styles of their grand parents or even great grand parents when they grow up.

Moley Kitchen, the first robotic Kitchen, will help you to get all of these done with just a touch of a button. There is also an option that you can remotely access Moley Kitchen and give instructions , so by the time you reach home your food is ready. It cleans up the kitchen after the cooking as well.

Mark Oleynik

The idea was conceived 5 years back in 2014 by Dr Mark Oleynik. Mark is a computer scientist, robotics and health care innovator.

Mark Oleynik says ‘How I can have any delicious food at home that I want at any time ? That’s how I invented the Moley Robotic Kitchen’.

How does this Robo Kitchen work ?

The Touch Screen panel allows you to select the recipes which are stored in the system. Once you select the recipe, the action begins.

There are two Robotic hands , which can reproduce the movements of a human hand, that give the kitchen the capability to cook anything a human chef can cook. These robotic hands picks up the required utensils, ingredients and will start cooking automatically. There is no human assistance required during the whole process.

Watching this video will give you a glimpse about Moley ‘The Robotic’ Kitchen:-

Tim Anderson, BBC MasterChef competition winner helped in the kitchen’s development. He first developed a dish that would test the systems capabilities and was then 3D recorded in a special studio cooking it. Every motion and nuance was captured , from the way Tim stirred the liquids to the way he controlled the temperature of the hob. Tim’s actions were then translated into digital movement using bespoke algorithms created with collaboration between Moley and teams from Shadow Robotics based in UK, Universities of Standard (USA) & The Sant Anna School of Advance Studies Pisa (Italy).

This motion capture techniques are used to generate the recipes of the ‘Masterchefs of your home’ – your wife / husband / mother / father / grand parents. It will allow consumers and professionals to record & share their recipes on an iTunes type platform. The Robotic Kitchen can be configured to fit your regular kitchen.

The recorded recipe can be cooked by robotic Kitchen an unlimited amount of times, featuring a ‘human IP’ that can be transmitted through the generations. I think that it may take a while for the user to understand and start capturing the cooking styles of their favourite people at home. But it is worth a lifetime experience to take the effort.

Is this going to be a cost effective option ? It will depend on how fast this will get into mass production. The plan is to bring down the cost to 35,000 USD by 2011. So i think as of now it might start selling somewhere close to 50,000 USD for the complete kitchen unit.

Going forward, I would love to see this kitchen getting associated with Augmented Reality / Holographic projection. The Robo Kitchen can combine with Augmented Reality / holographic projection & can have a replica of the person (whose recipe is getting cooked) standing in the kitchen making food for you. I am sure, with the pace at which technology is shaping up, that will happen very soon.

Moley, the Robotic Kitchen, will be soon making its way to many of the households. 

The ‘Future of Kitchen’ will be available at your service in couple of months.

Before I sign off from this article, I had one question in my mind which was asked by my cousin when I discussed with him about this technology : Whether this Robotic Kitchen can cook a typical South Indian home made Curd Rice which involves the usage of hands to mix the curd and rice ? ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe I will’ve to wait for someone to record that recipe & try one day ..!!!

For now it is time for “Moley Kitchen to announce that Future is Here”

This is something which struck me two days after writing the above article. I think Moley Kitchen can also be a great gift to your parents / grand parents. You can give them the comfort to sit at home , relax & enjoy their old age while Moley does all the delicious cooking.

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  1. Ha… I was just reading Robotic Kitchen: MasterChef i was gonna ask, “what happens when the robot get hungry and decide to eat a few slices for themselves?” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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