I am in Love & I Survived : My Love Story of 2010s Decade

2010 : I almost lost my arm in an accident while traveling on a local train in Mumbai. I lost all hopes seeing the damage and the blood loss.

I was in Love with my Life, my parents, family members, friends and the beautiful girl of my life. I fought back with all my strength & will power. I Survived.

2011 : I got married to the beautiful girl of my life. I got a new job.

I Love You to Marriage, A New Beginning. The Start of EMIs. I Survived.

2012 : My first European travel. I visited 3 wonderful European Cities : Vienna, Bratislava & Budapest.

I fell in Love with these cities, the culture , food and beautiful landscapes. I managed my first global conference at Budapest for 400 people – a big learning experience. I Survived.

2013 : I along with my wife bought a new house. My wife taught me to drive cars.

I fell in Love with driving. Lot of Road Trips, New Surroundings, Bigger EMIs. I Survived.

2014 : I traveled to the United States of America. Not once but twice – once to the East Coast & another trip to the West Coast.

Casinos, Hotels & What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I was in Love with the USA & I Survived.

2015 : I supported & did whatever little I could do in forming a football club in Thane, Maharashtra, India. Thane Players League.

I spent days & nights charting out the formats, timings, rules, etc. I was in Love with Football that I hardly gave time to my Love at Home. I Survived & the Football Club (TPL) as well as my Love also Survived :).

2016 : I was gifted a little angel by my wife. The little hands, little heart & little naughtiness.

Sleepless nights, lots of nappy changes, learnt the art of burping & hiccups. I was in Love with this new phase of my life. I Survived.

2017 : The football fan inside me, made me travel 6000 miles in 2 days. From Athens, Greece to Mumbai to Singapore to watch Chelsea play Bayern Munich.

I am in Love with Chelsea FC club. I took my 1 year old daughter to the housefull & noisy Football Stadium. I (We all) Survived 🙂

2018 : I once again traveled to my first European city, Vienna. I was convinced that Change is required in Life.

I started planning for a drastic change in my life. I wanted to do something for my Loved ones & I Survived.

2019 : I quit my job in March 2019. I along with my wife and daughter relocated to Dublin.

I am yet to find a job. But I did find in myself : a passionate blogger, a caring son, a jovial friend, a footballer dad, a loving husband , and the most important learning – Art of Living.

Yes I am in Love. In Love with my daughter & will Survive any situation to always keep the Innocent Smile intact on her face.

I am in Love & I Survived this Decade.

From almost losing an arm at the start of the decade to getting married, sharing everything with my wife, an ever supportive family, accumulating lot of wonderful friends , switching jobs to quitting jobs, enjoying parenthood :-

10 Years, 18 Countries Traveled, A blog page with readers from 87 Countries, An Awesome Family, Caring Wife & A Beautiful Daughter.

PS : I am in Love.

The Journey Continues. Life is beautiful. Enjoy the moments.

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