PAC Talks with Pankaj Garg, Founder & CEO of SomruS, The Original Indian Cream Liqueur

“India in a Bottle” – Wall Street Journal’s description of SomruS.

Listen to this candid conversation with Mr. Pankaj Garg, the founder and CEO of Somrus. Pankaj aka PK shares his life story of 35 years which for now is encapsulated in a bottle of cream liqueur.

Pankaj Garg was in Ireland to explore the opportunities to expand the footprint of Somrus from the US market to other parts of the globe. In an impromptu interview with me, Pankaj spoke about their current flavors, future plans, investments and the idea behind the launch of this special brand.

You can find more about the brand on their webpage SomruS

Pankaj Garg is a walking encyclopedia of the Cream Liqueur Industry. He talks about all the brands in the globe in this conversation.

Music Credit: The amazing Indian Music Band : Anand Bhaskar Collective. You can hear their songs by visiting ABC

PS: There will be some background noise during the interview as it was recorded inside a restaurant.

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