Madeira & Mime : Drink and Enjoy, Food does the talking here


It is always great to see when people come out with Restaurants with a Social cause connect.

By now most of the people in Mumbai would have either dined at or heard about Mirchi & Mime. For those who have not heard about Mirchi & Mime : This is a restaurant in Powai which serves mainly Indian Cuisine. The speciality of the restaurant is that the employees here have the special ability to communicate with the help of sign language. The specially abled employees (who cannot hear or speak) take orders and make sure that they serve the right dishes each and every time.

Madeira & Mime is the second offering from this group.

As the name mentions you get to quench your alcoholic thirst at this restaurant. The menu is also different. Menu comprises of Finger Food, Salads, Burgers, Sandwiches, Indo-Chinese, Japanese Ramen, Pasta, Pizza, Rice plates, Lankan Hoppers and of course Desserts. Here also the Specially abled employees communicate with customers through Sign language.

Madeira : Cocktails. The mixing of the drinks as well as the taste of the drinks were really good. I liked the real long glass in which the Long Island Tea was served.


Food : The portion of Starters served were really worth mentioning. It easily serves two to three people. Preparation was good and palatable. Similar is the case with the main course as well.

Ambience : Dim lighting, different styles of seating and a long bar makes it an interesting place to visit. They also have DJ playing some awesome music which will keep you grooving.



Madeira & Mime will let you enjoy your drink and music. The Restaurant staff will been seen talking but they make sure that Food does the talking here.

They even provide books and board games in case you need them as your companion.


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