The Fooze : Kitchenography of Life, Music , Feels and Food

“Millennials are behind the Start up revolution. Lot of Global start ups are minting millions and billions. But then there is another bunch of Millennials who follow their passion and start new ventures which help them fulfill it. Here the main focus is to be happy and enjoy life doing what you like to do and not the millions and billions.”

The Story behind the start of ‘The Fooze’ is interesting.

There will be a lot of us who would have had friends in school with common interests. But once the School days are over then you never get to go ahead with your interests.

The story of Kartik Pendse and Shivam Limaye is also similar. They both had a liking towards cooking during their school days. They left the school but their love of cooking continued.

Fortunately some times things which are meant to happen will Happen. The idea to start The Fooze also clicked like that.

Kartik and Shivam met up one day after their college days and had a long conversation while enjoying half a crate of beer. The talk made them realize that they should go behind the ‘feels’ of the life. For them the ‘feels’ of life came from music and food. So they decided to open up a restaurant where they get to listen to their favorite songs and also experiment their passion for cooking.



The Fooze’ was the outcome of this discussion.

The moment you enter this small 20 seater restaurant , you will be welcomed with lovely music. You have an option to sit outside , light a cigarette and wait for your food or occupy the seats on their attic. Books are available to sit back , relax, read and enjoy till the time the food is served. Authors list includes Jeffrey Archer, Robin Cook , Robert Ludlum, etc.

The inside walls are painted with pastel colours. It is decorated with wall hangings of all the famous music bands from Linkin Park , Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Pink Floyd.

Linkin Park was playing in the background when i met Kartik. I asked him to help me in deciding my order. He suggested me to try the Veg MVP Juggernaut. It took approximately 20 minutes for them to serve my food. But the moment I saw the plate , there was a smile on my face. I felt that the food is definitely going to be worth the wait. Juggernaut MVP was served along with French Fries, freshly cut tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce, etc. The main filling is the patty which is topped with a big slice of paneer. The taste was awesome. After tasting different cuisines from varied part of the globe, I felt the food taste was typical European style. Quantity was more than sufficient for one person.

They also have a good line up of dishes including double layered veg and non veg burgers, different varieties of FTB (F*#^ The Bread) dishes , flavours of French Fries and basic beverages (Americano, tea, iced tea and blueberry mojito). A breakfast menu is also added recently. The restaurant staff is also enthusiastic to make sure that you get to taste awesome food.

There are many restaurants which serve good food but a few where you get the ‘feels’ of food. Fooze falls into the ‘feels’ category.

The Fooze:Great Music & Yummy Food

Location : Hiranandani Meadows, Thane

Price : Value for money

Quantity : Sumptuous

Quality : Fantastic

Fooze Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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