World Cup 2018 : Poka Russia, Alttalaa Qatar

World Cup 2018 : One of the best World Cup tournament played in the recent past.

It all started with Iceland holding Argentina. Germany had to exit at the group stage. Portugal and Spain the next casualties. Iran and Morroco got everyone’s attention. Host nation Russia also stretched their opponents and reached the Quarter finals.

Finally it came down to four teams Belgium, England, Croatia and France.

England with their young squad finished fourth. Well played England.

Belgium secured the 3rd spot. The Red Devils played excellent football and they were my favorites.Great come back against Japan. Thrilling encounter with Brazil. But one error and they lost the semi final against France. They signed off in style winning their final encounter against England.

Croatia, the underdogs, the team which has played the maximum minutes in this tournament , won the hearts. Great tournament and fighting spirit.

France remained the unbeaten team of World Cup 2018. Great team performance from all their players. It was only against Argentina that they trailed by a goal. But a special goal from Pavard and a brace from the teenage sensation Mbappe turned the match in their favour. Goal keeper Lorris came out with two great saves against Belgium. It could have cost them dear. But he managed to keep the ball away. Each team member played his part to perfection : Griezmann, Pogba, Kante, Umtiti, Varane, Hernandez, Giroud, Matuidi : balanced act.

Curtains to One month of Football Extravaganza. Congratulations to all the 32 teams who qualified for this World Cup and made it a special one.

The guard of honour given by the France team to the Croatian team shows the true respect for the game.

At the end of the day : Football is the Winner.

Golden Boot : Harry Kane

Golden Glove : Thibaut Courtois

Golden Ball : Luka Modric

FIFA Young Player : Kylian Mbappe

Fairplay Award : Spain

Now the wait begins for Qatar 2022.

France will be watchful as they don’t want to exit at the group stage ;).

Teams : Keep Playing, Keep Winning.

Fans : Keep Watching, Keep Supporting.

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