Maggi Dosa to Puttu Kadala : Mallu Couple’s Kerala Konnect restaurant

“Life is a Kitchen : put on your prettiest Apron & whip up something Incredible”

It is great to see people following their passion and glistening through the journey with utmost determination.

When you have a corporate job and a monthly salary then it is difficult to come out of that ‘comfort zone’ to try something different and put your hard earned money in a mini startup.

Suraj , whose passion is to experiment with cooking, decided to quit his ‘mundane’ corporate job and open his own restaurant. To manage a restaurant all alone is a tough nut to crack. Understanding the tall task ahead of Suraj, his wife Shreeja also quit her job to support him in this new entrepreneurial venture.

The two month old Aiyer’s restaurant is taking it’s baby steps towards making it big in this food world. The journey is going to be a tough one especially in the starting phase where there is enormous pressure and they are literally on fire. The Fire to churn out delicious food which will attract customers and to make sure that they don’t end up firefighting a financial crisis.

Aiyer’s restaurant, serving vegetarian food, has a variety of dishes in their menu. The list includes different varieties of idli, uthappam, dosa, etc. They also have upma, sheera, poori bhajji, halwa poori, etc.

Some of their dishes :

Chilli Idli :

Ghee Roast :

Vada Sambhar :

Kerala cuisine includes puttu kadala, parotta green peas / kadala curry, kappa (tapioca), idiappam, appam stew, pazhampori, mulaga bhajji, etc. These dishes are not made on a daily basis. Normally they prepare this on Sundays. So suggest you check with them before visiting their restaurant.

Pazhampori :

(Homemade style banana fritters)

Mulaga (Chilli) Bhajji :

Though I have not tasted all the dishes, my personal favorite :

Maggi Dosa :

Spicy Maggi filling / topping on plain dosa

Kadala Curry : Traditional Kerala style curry

Suraj likes to experiment with his cooking. One of his specialities is Vada kebab. Kebab made with Vada batter with a twist of Indian Chinese infusion. Shreeja manages the front desk / customers with ease and does not let the pressure disturb the deliveries.

There are some dishes which still need improvement. But the sheer fact that Suraj and Shreeja are ready to listen, understand and improve their offerings, will help them grow their business. Hope to see them make quick changes to their offerings.

I am sure that this couple with their passion and determination will steer through the initial hiccups to take this venture to the next level. With a charismatic wife managing the front desk and an enthusiastic husband in the kitchen, this place is set to garner its repute.

PS : They also serve Sulaimani (special black tea) and Filter Kaapy 🙂

Location : Hillspring , On the road connecting Tropical lagoon to Vijay Garden, Off Ghodbunder Road, Thane West

Seating: 8-10 seats

Price : Affordable, Meal for two will cost approximately 300 Rs.

Parking : Limited parking available in front / opposite to the restaurant.

3 thoughts on “Maggi Dosa to Puttu Kadala : Mallu Couple’s Kerala Konnect restaurant

  1. Vijay Krishna’s blog while letting us know about such niche interesting joints that we might miss otherwise, it brings such joints to light. He has traveled extra mile to get to know about the owners and introduced them as well. So this piece is food review plus.


    1. Tha k you Balaji .. my aim always have been to help such small outlets sustain and grow by letting the people around know about them 🙂


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