Spyce : Robot Restaurant by MIT engineers

What will happen when Robotics obsessed engineers get hungry and crave for quality food at affordable rates ?

Either they end up searching for new restaurants or use their passion to solve their problem.

Spyce : Affordable, Delicious & Nutritious Meals served at this Robot Restaurant by MIT engineers was one such venture started by 4 young engineers.

Spyce Boyz: Brady Knight, Michael Farid, Kale Rogers, Luke Schlueter

From wearables to hearables to flexibles, Augmented Reality to Virtual reality to Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence ; technology has impacted and enhanced all possible facets of life. 
So whenever you have a problem it is quite natural to turn to technology for help. The 4 hungry engineers from MIT were also not different in this. 
The 4 young engineers, Michael Farid, Kale Rogers, Luke Schlueter, & Brady Knight, were finding it difficult to manage quality, nutritious food at affordable cost. They were able to find places giving food at affordable price but then it was missing the quality & the restaurants which were providing quality, nutritious food were priced very high.

Students, who are athletes as well, needed healthy food at pocket friendly price. This was the problem faced by many college students.
These MIT engineers, who had thought of making a career in robotics, had this Eureka moment. They discussed ‘How great it will be if we can use our expertise to solve our problem?’ . As many say “Problems are opportunities” , these engineers used this as an opportunity to use their expertise on Robotics to come up with a solution. 

The idea of this restaurant came up in early  2015. They started experimenting the prototypes in their basement and later on put up the first robotics restaurant in the MIT campus.
Now in just over 3 years, they have a fully functional restaurant. ‘Spyce’ is the name chosen for this restaurant. Soon it became an instant hit. This gave them the required confidence to open a commercial restaurant in Boston. Spyce restaurant opened by the Spyce boys (that’s what the engineers call themselves). 

Spyce restaurant has seven robot / hot pots which churn out the meal in less than 3 minutes. The cost of each bowl starts from just 7.50 $. The other main motive was to simplify the whole process. 
There is an automated ‘runner’, an orange box, which runs back and forth to pick up the required ingredients and feed the robots. 

It is a technlogical treat for the customers to just watch the hot pots doing the cooking and with minimal manual intervention your meal is prepared.

To make the menu interesting and tasty , these engineers approached well known Michelin Star Chef Daniel Boulud. Daniel was excited to understand the whole thought process of robotic restaurant and readily accepted to give them the required helping hand to curate the menu. Daniel is now an investor as well as the culinary director at Spyce.

The menu at Spyce is also interesting and covers flavours from different parts of the globe. Customers can choose from vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free and vegan options. They have Latin, Lebanese, Roma, Korean, Thai and Indian flavors to cater to your palate.

Spyce boyz have also included a special person, whom they call the ‘garde manger’ – the garnish employee, to take care of the plating before it is served to the customer.

Spyce boyz have been rated in the top 30 under 30 by Forbes in the Food and Drink 2019 category.

Next time you are in Boston, do not forget to try out this robot restaurant. It will be definitely a robo-gastronomical experience.

No wonder they have chosen the tagline:


2 thoughts on “Spyce : Robot Restaurant by MIT engineers

  1. Mechanization in every task is a given. But introducing technology to complex sequence of tasks where the ingredients will be different, involving measurements, temperature, time and precision is a robotics engineers dream.

    Enjoying a good food at affordable price is our dream.

    A day maybe far where the next person enjoying the meal may actually be robot.


    1. Oh yea .. for that matter there are some restaurants who are planning /already have robots who can give you company if you are alone


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