Founder Ganesh Pai talks about the most affordable EduTech platform of India with a dream to teach 1 billion students

Ganesh Pai, the founder of, said ” I always wanted to teach. I quit my corporate job in 2012 and was working part time for Tutor Vista teaching Maths online. That is when this idea struck me. I thought of starting something on my own.”

It was Ganesh’s dad who inspired him to dream big.

During an evening walk with his dad, Ganesh shared the thought process of starting something on his own.

“He asked me to come with him on an early morning walk the next day to have the ‘talk’. I shared my thought of teaching at least 100+ students. But my dad said No for this and asked me ‘why just 100, why not a million students?’. added Ganesh.

This was the tipping point for Ganesh to get going with This startup based out of Thane, Maharashtra, India began its operations in 2014. Ganesh said ” the initial 2-3 years were similar to a toddler running around and exploring stuffs. It is in the last 3 years that our learning curve has gone up drastically.”

Watch the complete interview of Ganesh Pai

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When we hear about the leading edutech companies in India, it is a rare sight to find the name of in that list. Ganesh in this interview shares his thoughts about PR and whether money should be invested in PR or let the work do the talking for them.

In this case, definitely work has done the talking for them. YouTube has acknowledged the quality content brought out by YouTube and Google has invested in this startup. This shows that this online education platform has got the attention of global leaders.

They recently came with a module to help teachers understand the basics of YouTube and Google Classroom. YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, appreciated this effort of Dontmemorise.

Recently decided to move to a paid subscription from a free for all model. The cost of yearly subscription is approximately 3000 INR. For the users who had already subscribed to this online platform were given a 90% discount on this pricing. Many edutech platforms in India charge an average of 40,000-50,000 INR every year. Ganesh, during this interview , explained the reasons as to why is able to come out with such a low subscription fees.

The YouTube channel of has 1.39 Million subscribers as of today. The daily views garnered by them is 250,000. So by the time complete watching this 45 minutes interview of Ganesh, YouTube channel would have got additional 10,000 views.

The journey which was started to teach 1 million students has been achieved. Now Ganesh has set his dream of teaching 1 billion students. He says “Growth is slow, Future is bright”.

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