Premier League 2020-21 : This season’s Shirt and Kit Sponsors

Premier League 2020-21 will definitely go down as one of the special seasons in the PL history.

Pandemic has forced everything in and around sports to change. Sports without fans, sports without the real celebrations, players sitting apart at the dugouts, masks, sanitizers, health check ups and lot more.

The beauty of watching Sports is always special. It gives an adrenaline rush to the hardcore fans as well as to the casual viewers. Live sports , the unpredictability, sitting at the edge of the seats, last minute winners, equalizers and saves. This is something which will definitely give people around the world some rejoicing moments, especially during the current pandemic situation.

The 29th season of Premier League will start on 12th September, 2020. 2020 has already given enough surprises to the whole world, so are we going to witness something special this season ?

Players will walk through the tunnel and take their positions in the ground wearing the new 2020-21 jerseys. The money coming from these deals play a crucial part in the overall revenue of the clubs, that too now with no or limited fans coming to the stadium, every dime is important.

Premier League 2020-21 : Compiled details of Shirt and Kit Sponsors:

Adidas leads the race with an association with 7 clubs
Betting still leads the race (Last season it was 50%)

The complete details: If I am not wrong, this is the first time two clubs have the same shirt sponsor. Cazoo (the online used car company) will be seen on the jerseys of Aston Villa and Everton.

*Leicester City FC will be wearing jerseys with ‘Thailand smiles with you’ in PL and ‘King Power’ in European Cup and other domestic Cup matches.

This is going to be an exciting season for the fans, the sponsors and the players.

Hope to see lot of digital fan engagements happening as the season progresses.

It is not an easy job to put up the schedule, get the players, coaching staff, support staff, match officials, media, broadcast without letting the virus play a spoilsport. Kudos to everyone involved and making this happen.

Time for the action to begin. Let the best team Win. The beautiful game kicks off on 12th Sep, 2020.

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