Data Science Wizards: Startup with the magic touch of unifying everything in artificial intelligence

In this latest edition of PAC Talks, it was a pleasure to interview one of the top 20 Artificial Intelligence startups in India.

Data Science Wizards (DSW) is a very young company, started in 2019, which is growing at a steady pace in the right direction. I met with the team, Pritesh Tiwari , Founder & Chief Data Scientist, Sandeep Khuperkar, Co founder & CEO and Sandhya Oza, Chief Project Officer at their European office that is based out of the startup incubation centre, National College of Ireland, Dublin .

You can listen to the detailed interview where we spoke a lot about data science, Unify AI, current tech space, digital transformation journey and lot more on the PAC Talks podcast available on Apple, Spotify.

The key message through out the interview shared by DSW core team-

The vision of our company is make Artificial Intelligence and Data Science available for everyone. It should not be a luxury.

Sandhya, the Chief Project Officer of DSW shared her thoughts about her journey with data and women in data science:

So being a tech graduate back in 2015, I have always been interested about technology. I have always been fascinated about data science, artificial intelligence and data science Technologies are since 2016. So since then I started learning Python. I’ve always been into technology role and I was fortunate to work with the data science teams for almost like four years, managing multiple projects through, you know, different levels. Sandhya also spoke about the changing landscape for women in technology. “There is a shortage of women in data science specifically. But I think now, with much of awareness, lot of courses and all those things, women are leading at a major forefront.” she added.

Taking about the Vision of Data Science Wizards, Pritesh shared the thought of their startup in detail. “See the vision of our company is first of all to make AI and data science available for everybody. It shouldn’t be a luxury anymore. If we see in today’s time people who has lots of data like the big enterprises, they are leveraging artificial intelligence, data science and the smaller companies who are also generating data at a faster pace, they are not able to make use of here. Our vision is that AI should be available for everybody. Different different companies have different kind of a use cases like when we see if you are a very small organization or very bigger organization, you might be leveraging AI by building machine learning models or AI Architectures or probably you might be also leveraging your data through some dashboarding. So whatever you want to do with the data that you have in place, we can help you with through our unifyAI. So that is a reason in today’s time, if you see on our website, you might be seeing different kind of products that we have and different services that was at the very beginning when we started. But since 2021, we started working on our platform called asUnifyAI that summarizes, that brings all of this journey that we are talking about,like extracting the data, bringing data together into one place, building machine learning models, deploying models, monitoring everything through one single platform… We want to take this platform to all companies regardless if they are small or big , if they are in data science or AI journey then they can utilise our platform.

We did have a discussion about how social media platforms use the usage data pattern to push content. “Initially it is you who is deciding what type of videos you want to watch , later on it is the platform which tell you what kind of videos and content you should watch. It is entirely driven by the platform” said Pritesh on this topic.

Sandeep highlighted the importance of AAA model for the growth and development of AI usage. ” This model is like, first a is awareness, second is acceptance and then finally adoption” he added. What we are doing is we are creating this entire recipe in a such an integrated fashion, that there is a modularity. There is a flexibility, there is a choice but enterprise customer gets a platform to launch their AI enabled used cases because there is too many technology moving parts, too many skill sets which needs to build this entire Journey. So our broader vision is that we are saying that you have a used case, you have data we have a platform for you to go. That’s the core of AI and it’s not that we are just integrating technology. What we are doing is we are helping them to integrate their landscape supported by the technologies and that’s unify all put together.

One key point highlighted by the DSW team is about democratising the use of AI. The skills, technology and platforms required to leverage comes at a cost. DSW with the Unify AI platform says will become a cost effective yet proven ready to use platform for all data related solutions.

With lot happening around the tech space in the recent months and years, it will be interesting to follow the journey of Data Science Wizards and the magic they manage to do with data.

You can visit Data Science Wizards website to know more about the team and their offerings.

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