Jeri Ellsworth : The Life Journey: Episode 1

(Interview taken during 1st week of Nov, 2020) Candid conversation with Jeri Ellsworth, a high school drop out, American Entrepreneur, Inventor and currently the Co Founder & CEO of Tilt Five, Augmented Reality Gaming Startup. She has worked on computer chips which has supported gaming devices, set top boxes and even rocket launches.

This is the 1st of the 5 episodes.

In this episode, Jeri shares the story of her adventures with dirt car racing, learning the basic of building and racing cars from Duke Southard, selling computers through her initial entrepreneurial journey , “Computers Made Easy”, the humbling moments, life lessons and much more.

To read more about Jeri Ellsworth:


PAC Talks with Jeri Ellsworth 2019

To read more about the gaming startup Tilt Five:

Listen to the podcast on Apple / Spotify. You can watch this interview on YouTube as well.

0:00 Introduction 1:40 Looking back at the Journey so far 5:37 Self reliant, being terrified while getting into new ventures 7:40 Dirt Car Racing 16:30 Barber shop converted to Computers Made Easy 20:15 Help from across the road, Computers Made Easy 28:50 “I have arrived” , humbling experiences, you never arrive

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