Jeri Ellsworth: The Life Journey: Episode 2

In this 2nd episode, Jeri shares the story of her transition from an early venture of ‘Computers Made Easy’ to the tough journey of breaking into the Silicon Valley arena.

(Link to Episode 1: The Life Journey: Episode 1)

She was surviving on the meagre savings doing part time work but her passion to make many innovative circuit boards, FPGA chips that could act as video screens, sound generators, etc. helped her to focus on her strengths & finally got the first ‘engineering’ job.

Jeri talks about the stint where she compressed Commodore 64 into a joy stick gaming device which went on to become a collectible item for the gaming industry.

She also talks about her days at Valve Corporation, discussions with Gabe Newell, from how she got the job and ended up buying AR gaming technology that was developed by her for Valve.

(This interview was done in Nov, 2020)

You can listen to the podcast: Apple, Spotify

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