World Cup : The question that almost won the World Cup Trophy

The question, which I felt was similar in magnitude to which Morocco would have felt when they conceded an own goal against Iran in the dying minutes of their first match, similar to the way Colombia felt when they conceded their first goal against Japan, similar to the way Argentina felt when they lost their match against Croatia, thrown at me was by none other than by my mother. Very simple question but it hit me like a powerful football shot struck right on my face. It took couple of seconds for me to recover and stand up to answer the question.

“Ronaldooo” – Super Energetic Malayalam Commentator – Shaiju Damodaran – Malayala Karayude Romanjam

The now famous spell bound war cry 'Ronaldooooooo' by Malayalam Commentator Shaiju Damodaran has captured the attention and won hearts of football fans across the globe. The malayalam commentary during the 3rd goal of Portugal ,which came from the sensational free kick of Ronaldo , translated :- 'Ronaldoooo' why this man is called a genius... Continue Reading →

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