Croatia: Independence War to World Cup Final: The Winning Spirit keeps them going

The current Croatian Football squad consist of players who were born during 1984 ~ 1995. Some of the players had to manage their early lives in hotels which were converted as refugee areas while other players grew up outside Croatia as their parents considered to move out of the country during the war. Though they were not affected by the war but they definitely would have seen the fighting spirit shown by their parents during that tenure. Luka Modric, the captain of Croatia team, had to stay in hotels as their house was burned during the war. He started playing football at the hotel parking lot. The fighting spirit is there in all these players to keep winning. This has helped them come a long way in the current World Cup. Playing their best game and giving everything for the team, this squad of players are just one Win away from lifting the World Cup Trophy. If they manage to do that then it will be biggest victory for Croatia after the Independence War triumph.

World Cup 2018 : From Messi Vs Ronaldo to Messi & Ronaldo

Probably this might be the last World Cup for both Messi and Ronaldo. Their El Classico fights will continue but the World Cup clash is going to be an elusive one for these two players who probably will have the biggest fan following. The questions / debates like 'did they play really well?', 'team mates played to their potential?', etc. will take place over the next couple of days. But it is curtains for the sensational CR7 & magical LM10. But the respect for the players and game will continue.

World Cup 2018 : France unleashed a 19 year old & he was too hot to handle for Argentina

But this 19 year old : Kylian Mbappe Lottin (the costliest teenager signed by any club - currently playing for Paris Saint Germain on loan from Monaco FC) showed the World that age or experience does not matter when it comes to showcasing your skills. He played with ease and with great maturity. Mbappe definitely will feature on all the newspaper headlines tomorrow. What a way to announce your arrival on the big World arena...!!!

World Cup 2018 : Ronaldo Vs Messi on the cards ?

Two superb matches on the cards. Will they be as interesting as expected or will it be a one way traffic ? Are we going to witness the magic of Ronaldo and Messi ? The star names of France, Uruguay, Argentina  and Portugal will shine tonight ? This night will witness a new star emerging from the shadows of super stars ? Will the matches go to extra time and penalty shootout? World Cup 2018 will get a chance to witness a potential Ronaldo Vs Messi quarterfinal ? If that happens then the whole footballing world will be glued to their TV sets on the 6th of July.

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